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Home Learning – Spring Half Term.

So we are now officially half way through the academic year! We have completed our learning all about ‘Where did the wheels on the bus go?’ and learnt so much about the history of transport and our local area. Our next Learning Challenge is ‘Would The Beatles have won the X-Factor?’

The following Home Learning challenge was sent home on Friday, but here is a reminder in case you need it. Remember, you get an extra day off on Monday 19th February, and school starts back Tuesday 20th.  Enjoy the holidays, remember to have fun!

Mrs Dickinson 🙂

Dear Year 1,

Your Home Learning for the February Half Term is based around our new Learning Challenge ‘Would The Beatles have won the X-Factor?’

That’s right! A whole topic related to some of the best-known bands in history! We will be learning all about The Beatles, and making lots of comparisons from the 1960’s and today.

So, you need to create a project around this Learning Challenge. Some ideas are; performing a song, making a model, creating your own musical instrument, or re-creating/bringing in something from when your grown-ups (and great grown-ups) were younger, if they were alive in the 1960s!

In our learning, we will be looking at other famous bands from this era, and comparing them to modern-day bands.

As always, the possibilities are endless! It is completely up to you how you decide to present your learning, but please make sure you get help off your grown-ups when you need it.

Home Learning needs to be brought in to school no later than Wednesday 21rd February.

Remember, we have a trip to The Beatles Museum on Thursday 22th February.

Your extra mission is to learn the words to Yellow Submarine for our wow week!

Please also remember to check the Class Blog Pages on the school website for pictures and videos of what we have been up to! Leave us comments to let us know you have visited!



What has Naughty Bus been up to this week?

This week was our last week with Naughty Bus, and it was his worst week yet! Watch our video to see what he got up to!

Year 1’s creative food club.

This Thursday was the start of Year 1’s new and exciting Creative Food Club. During the club Year 1 were able to create some yummy treats to take home and enjoy. The focus for the first session was to create some ‘gummy worm mud pies.’

Following the recipe for the ‘gummy worm mud pies’, Year 1 created their treats by first crushing up some chocolate biscuits. Then, they layered some delicious chocolate mousse on top of the crushed biscuit, followed by more biscuit on top! This made our pots look as if they were filled with soil. Finally, to finish off their desserts, Year 1 chose three gummy worms and planted them in their pots of ‘soil.’

All the children loved their desserts and are all so excited to make more delicious desserts during next weeks club!

As part of our learning, we took a walk to Lancashire County Cricket Club, noting all of the wonderful local landmarks we passed on the way.

Once there, Natasha showed us around and took us to the Players and Media suite where we asked lots of questions and learnt lots of facts. We really enjoyed our morning visit and particularly loved our free bag!

Thank you so much for having us!

When the Police came to visit Class 3…

Yesterday, Year 1 were visited by the Police. Before they came the children wrote lots of questions to ask them about what they do to keep our local area safe. They showed us their car and all of the equipment they keep inside it. They always have ‘Crime Scene’ tape, evidence bags, a riot shield and a special rope to save people stuck in water. They showed us all around the car and even demonstrated how to work the siren! It was so loud! After that, we went in to the classroom and got to ask them  all of our questions. We learnt so much and we are very grateful to them for having the time to come and visit. Thank you Officer Mike and Officer Joanne!

The Museum of Science and Industry

On Monday, Year 1 visited the Museum of Science and Industry. First of all, we watched a show where Evan the Engineer was trying to train up apprentice, Sam. We learnt all about how a steam train works, learning lots of technical vocabulary such as; footplate, coal, fuel, boil, steam, steam dome, piston and crank.

After that, we went to look at lots of old vehicles, mainly cars and aeroplanes. We compared these to the ones we use today, and looked at how they worked compared to how our cars work today. We got to go inside an aeroplane too!

After lunch, we had a little bit of spare time to play and explore lots of scientific challenges before the coach came.

We had a brilliant day, and it was fantastic seeing old vehicles up close.

The children were amazingly well behaved – all of the teachers were very impressed!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back to school!

This half term, we are learning all about transport and our local area with our Learning Challenge ‘Where did the wheels on the bus go?’.

We have many trips and visits planned, including; Museum of Science and Industry, Lancashire County Cricket Club, a visit from the police, and hopefully a trip to the Town Hall to meet the Mayor!

Keep an eye on the blog for lots of photographs and updates of our work!

The adventures of Tontu

Tontu the Elf visited us over the Christmas period, and we really enjoyed having him in our classroom. Watch our video to see what we got up to.

Enjoy the holidays!



Year 1 and 2 had the opportunity to go and watch ‘Cinderella’ in pantomime at the Dance House Theatre as a Christmas treat. We had a brilliant time! The music was fantastic, and Class 3 really hated the Ugly Sisters! They were so mean!

Here’s what some of the children thought;

Areesha: ” I thought the step sisters were fashionistas!”

Riley-Jack: “The step sisters were funny and nasty!”

Ronan: “I liked Cinderella and her beautiful dress. I just like her she is kind.”

Rabia: “Her dress was nice.”

Phia-Rose: “I think that when Cinderella was sweeping up the ugly sisters should do more work because Cinderella does everything and the Ugly Sisters were mean to her and didn’t let her go to the ball.”

Red: “I like Buttons the best because he was funny.”

Katie: “I think the dancing of the mice was funky.”

We had a really good time!


Prickly Hay!

Year 1 and 2 put on a brilliant production called Prickly Hay, where the poor stable boy (with help from his friend Shew), played an important role in the nativity story. Year 1 were the choir and had to learn lots of songs and dances. There were two performances which were completely packed out – we’ve never seen such a huge audience! Aurea, Connor, Georgia and Red got up on stage to do a hoedown! Katie, James and Phia-Rose choreographed their own ‘shimmy’ dance and Ayanda, Arwa and Star did a beautiful dance to Mary’s Lullaby. We hope that everyone who came to watch us really enjoyed the show.