Class 3 have been focussing on mindfulness and wellbeing. We like to incorporate small, mindful activities in to our learning. It is important to be mindful and to know when our brains need a little break. Some of the activities we have been doing are:

Mindful relaxation, envisioning journeys to various different lands, whilst being mindful of deep, slow breaths and awareness of ourselves.

Mindful colouring, understanding that our brain needs a short break sometimes.

Wellbeing walk. We walk for around 15 minutes, at least 3 times a week. Here we can chat to our friends, breathe in lots of fresh air, burn off some energy and get our brains ready to learn!

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To enhance our topic Learning Challenge of ‘Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole?’ And our science Learning Challenge of ‘Why are humans not like tigers?’ we decided to visit Blackpool Zoo!

We had such a fun-filled day planned…..

Unfortunately, due to unexpected road closures, traffic, more road closures and a group of protestors in the road, we didn’t get to the Zoo until just before midday. The children were so well behaved and were an absolute credit to the school sitting on the coach for so long!

When we finally arrived at the zoo, our first stop was lunch! It was lovely eating outside on the grass.

Then we completed our whistle-stop tour of the zoo. The animals were so amazing! Alfie impressed Miss James with his expert knowledge on many of the animals. It was wonderful to look at the animals up-close and learn lots of facts about them, including why a giraffe’s tongue is blue!

Take a look at our photographs!

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Wellbeing Wednesday – David Gray: monk rocker

For our latest Wellbeing Wednesday, we were visited by an extremely interesting man named David Gray. David wowed us with lots of amazing magic tricks which all held an inspirational message, he even taught us some of his secrets!

One trick we did learn, was how to turn a normal, plain tea-towel in to a chicken! This taught us that no matter what other people might think of us (or what we might think of ourselves sometimes!) we can be exactly what we want to be. It was a very inspirational experience and we had lots of fun too!

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Trip to The Beatles Story

To enhance our learning about The Beatles, we took a trip to The Beatles Story in Liverpool.
To start, we split in to smaller groups and had fun with lots of activities. We completed Beatles Pop Art in the style of Andy Warhol, played an interactive game where we learned about different instruments and the sounds they make. We also had the chance to play our favourite Beatles song on a large floor piano! It was awesome! Another of the activities was to dress up as the band (in their iconic Sargent Pepper’s outfits) and rock out to some of the songs. We learned all about LPs and how they play music – very different to our IPods and MP3 players!
After all of that fun, we had a relaxing lunch. Then we had time to look around the museum – it was fascinating to learn about the history of the band, look at their old instruments, see sets of the places they played and even go in a yellow submarine! We had a fantastic day and it was an amazing learning experience! Take a look at our pictures!

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Where will our magic carpet take us?

The children have created their own magic carpets for Art and Textiles in response to their learning challenge; Where will our flying carpet take us?

The children designed their own magic carpets using the Aladdin film clip, and other artists such as Faig Ahmed and Becky Franklin for inspiration. The children identified and used repeating patterns, and different weaving techniques within their designs. They used a range of materials to create mixed media designs using: Fabrics, paper, magazines and ribbons.

Come and see our amazing display in school!

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Home Learning 10/02/2017

Dear Year 1,

Your Home Learning for the February Half Term is based around our new Learning Challenge ‘Would The Beatles have won the X-Factor?’

That’s right! A whole topic related to some of the best-known bands in history! We will be learning all about The Beatles, and making lots of comparisons from the 1960’s and today.

So, you need to create a project around this Learning Challenge. Some ideas are; performing a song, making a model, creating your own musical instrument, or re-creating/bringing in something from when your grown-ups (and great grown-ups) were younger, if they were alive in the 1960s!

In our learning, we will be looking at other famous bands from this era, and comparing them to modern-day bands.

As always, the possibilities are endless! It is completely up to you how you decide to present your learning, but please make sure you get help off your grown-ups when you need it.

Home Learning needs to be brought in to school no later than Thursday 23rd February.

Remember, we have a trip to The Beatles Museum on Tuesday 28th February.

Please also remember to check the Class Blog Pages on the school website for pictures and videos of what we have been up to! Leave us comments to let us know you have visited!

Enjoy the holidays!

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The adventures of Naughty Bus!

Class 3 had an unexpected visit from Naughty Bus! We read a book all about him and were so excited to welcome in to our classroom. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite behave himself and follow the school rules. After the second day, he ‘got bored’ in the classroom and went for a wander around school! We thought we had lost him, so we put up posters with wonderful descriptions of him, all around school. Mrs Bates ended up bringing him back to our classroom – he has trashed lots of areas in the school and ended up in Mrs Bates’ office drawing over lots of important paperwork! She was not impressed.

That night, Miss James took him home in her bag so he couldn’t get in to any mischief. He ended up in her jelly in the fridge! We wrote lots of tall tales about how he may have ended up in there.

On one day, the children came in from Playtime to see the classroom absolutely TRASHED!

As part of our learning challenge about our local area, we went on a trip to Gorse Hill Park. We wanted to teach Naughty Bus to behave properly so we wrote lots of rules for what he SHOULD do. We ended up going back to school early because Naughty Bus broke lots of the rules. We did a Big Write to write him a letter, using persuasive techniques to encourage him to be good, but it just didn’t work! Oh Naughty Bus!

Take a look at the photographs from our adventures, and pictures of our work.

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What could we use to travel around the moon?

For our Design Technology Learning Challenge ‘What could we use to travel around the moon?’, Class 3 decided to design and make their own spaceships!
First of all, we discussed the types of vehicles we could use and why they are or are not suitable for travelling around the moon. Next, we looked at different design ideas, before making our own designs.
After this, we got to work creating our own spaceship and alien using our design brief. We had to decide on different materials to use, such as; paper plates, foil, furry balls and pipe cleaners.
Once the spaceships were made, we evaluated them, looking at what went well, and how we could make them even better next time.
Have a look at our wonderful creations!

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Trip to Lancashire County Cricket Club

As part of our Learning Challenge ‘Where did the wheels on the bus go?’ we have been exploring different parts of our local area. We took a trip to Lancashire County Cricket Club where they kindly showed us around. We were able to go into the Press Room and the view from there was amazing!

We learned lots about the Cricket Ground, and even got to meet their mascot! They were very kind and gave us a gift bag full of wonderful things including the chance to get free tickets to a cricket match!

Have a look at our pictures.

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Trip to MOSI

On Tuesday 10th Year 1 visited the Museum of Science and Industry. We had a fantastic time looking at all of the old vehicles. We met Engineer Eric who needed to learn all about how and engine works.

We behaved beautifully and had a fantastic day!

Have a look at our photographs.

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